Do you want to learn Spanish and escape the stifling summer heat in Spain?

16 Apr 2018

We offer Spanish courses in a pleasant temperature and with all the quality that you deserve. Among all the benefits and advantages you get are the best prices, visiting a unique and different city and being able to enjoy the city without getting tired or dying from heatstroke! Remember that many Spaniards from cities with summer temperatures reaching over 35 degrees practically flee the city to cooler places.

So why would you miss out on this opportunity? Last year Florian from Germany managed to exchange at the last minute the scorching heat in Seville for Bilbao and he also wanted to live near the sea. By doing this, he could study Spanish much better with the only air conditioning being the sea breeze.

Izumi, one of our Japanese students, wanted to keep her skin smooth and pale and was not aware of the Southern Spanish sun or the suffocating heat in Madrid. She sent us an email explaining this and got a quick reply, and although in Japan many students book via an agency and at the start she was scared that her Spanish was not that good, her adventurous nature made her book with the Instituto Hemingway for July and August and now she can show off both her Spanish and her skin.

The cost of our Spanish courses is incredibly cheap compared to other prices in the centre and South of Spain. We offer a maximum of 10 students per class as well as free leisure and cultural activities, and above all, it's Bilbao.

Haven't you heard about our city? Spanish courses in Bilbao to escape the heat and save money start with a simple email and a smile.

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