The New Activites for June with Spanish Courses in Bilbao

31 May 2018

We are very excited here in our Spanish school in Bilbao. Why? Because we now have the new cultural activities plan all ready for June!

Our students always ask us at the end of the month what the new activities are for the coming month, so we are happy to be able to tell them that in June we have a variety of activities lined up for all tastes. Download the calendar here or have a look at it on our website These activities are great for making friends, learning more about the culture, the city and for improving your Spanish.

So if after Spanish classes, our students want to relax a bit and socialise with their classmates, they now have the opportunity to enjoy some special wine with our director and wine master, Alfredo, who is going to invite us to a wine tasting evening on the 5th June at 7:30pm. And if they do not like wine, we have a perfect alternative for this same week on the 7th at 4pm, when we have planned to go to one of our favourite bars... the cereal bar! As well as being a unique place with a young atmosphere, it has an incredible variety of different cereals which you can add toppings to, such as chocolate chips, to create your perfect bowl.

Continuing with the theme of food and drink, we have a new activity for our students the following week… As many already know, sandwiches (especially ham ones) are very popular in Spain, so this time we are going to go to 100 Montaditos, a place where there are more than 100 sandwich options, all with different fillings!

After so much food and drink, if our students fancy doing a bit of exercise and want to have a good time with their friends, on the 18th at 4pm we will go for a bike ride to have a bit of fresh air and get to know the city a little better. Although there is a lot to discover here in Bilbao, like the cathedral which we will visit on the 27th, it is important not to forget the other equally important towns that surround our city, like Guernica. Luckily, this month our students will have the unmissable opportunity to go to this town on the 20th and 28th, which was the inspiration for the huge painting by Pablo Picasso.

We did not have the best of temperatures here in Bilbao in May, so instead of getting an icecream, we will go and have a typical Spanish dessert on the 21st at 3pm with our most sweet-toothed students, which is the classic churros with hot chocolate.

However, with a sunny day forecasted on the 14th, at 1:30pm we will enjoy the nice weather, good company and some delicious food with a picnic in the beautiful Doña Casilda park. We know that we will have a lovely time in this gorgeous setting with the duck pond and all the flowers that have come into bloom.

We are keeping our fingers crossed so that the good weather continues, because on the 26th at 2pm, our students will be able to enjoy a trip to Puerto Viejo where they will also have the chance to spend a nice time at the beach and get a tan if it's sunny! Along with all these activities, we will also visit the Artxanda hill where you can get a spectacular view of our city.

We hope that as well as being able to improve your Spanish here, these activities encourage you to sign up to a Spanish course with us at the Insituto Hemingway, where we will teach you not just our language, but also about our culture and city via an array of possibilities to enjoy your time here to the fullest and to get to know new people.

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