Experience with Think Global School in Bilbao

07 Jun 2018

We have had the honour of collaborating with Think Global School during their visit to Bilbao. The international school has an excellent educational programme based on learning all over the world. The students complete this programme in different countries, allowing them to learn in varied environments and have new experiences.

As part of the educational programme, Think Global School’s students were in Bilbao. We had the opportunity to help them organise their stay, cultural trips, accommodation etc in Bilbao.

We learnt a lot from them and wish them the best in their international journey. We hope that next year they come back to Bilbao, because it has been a pleasure working with this prestigious school, its teaching staff and its students.

We invite you to see the presentations and the work done by their students in the Euskalduna Palace on the 6th June 2018.

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