SIELE exam in Spain: this summer July and August 2018

01 Jul 2018

This summer you can do the SIELE exam in Bilbao comfortably and easily at the Instituto Hemingway.

During the months of July and August you can choose these dates:

Global SIELE: Monday at 17:00 and Saturday at 11:00
SIELE 5 (EIE+EIO): Tuesday at 17:00
SIELE 1: (CL+CA): Wednesday at 17:00
SIELE 2: (CL+EIE): Thursday at 17:00
SIELE 3: (CA+EIO): Friday at 17:00
SIELE 4: (EIO): Monday at 17:00

If you would like to sign up to courses you can do it via the official SIELE website

The exam will be open to all students studying Spanish who wish to do the SIELE exam in Bilbao. If you live in Bilbao or you would like to come to study Spanish with us, you now have the chance to do the exam comfortably, without any waiting times or travelling around, as you will be able to take the exam in our classrooms in Bilbao.
Remember that we have specific Spanish courses which help to prepare for SIELE and DELE. We have courses which address concrete issues aimed at exam preparation and we develop ways to help you improve your exam technique.
One advantage of SIELE is that you can have the level you have achieved certified at any time, and this can be done quickly, no matter what your level is.

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