White Wine Tasting: Activities with Spanish Courses 23rd July 2018

08 Jul 2018

After the success of our wine tasting on the 3rd July we are going to have another white wine experience. Are you ready for another super-interesting wine tasting session? On Monday 23rd July, we will have a new chance to satisfy all your interests in wine.

All students doing our Spanish course are invited to come to the wine tasting evening. The aim of this wine tasting is to appreciate different flavours of wine according to the grape which has been used.

For this occasion, we have chosen three very special wines; fresh white wines from different areas to enjoy in the heat.

- Ramírez de la Piscina 2017 – Viura & Malvasía – Rioja

The white wines from Rioja are all the rage. Our friends from Ramírez de la Piscina present us with this special white wine which is based on varieties from Viura and some from Malvasía.
It is a yellow, pale beige coloured wine. It smells fruity with a mix of aromas that have hints of apple, lemon and banana. Its taste is balanced between acid and alcohol, leaving a fresh, pleasant and ripe fruity aftertaste.

- Noble Custodio Reserva 2016 – Valle de Curicó

A wine from Chile that comes from the D.O Valle de Curicó. The interesting thing about this wine is that it ages in a barrel which allows us to discover notes that the barrel gives to this interesting Chardonnay. We have to prepare ourselves for woody aromas.

Domaine Vapillon - Macvin Du Jura

Jean-Yves Vapillon is the wine expert of the winery. Old gold, Macvin brings a warm scent from the beeswax, a creamy touch, but also a fresh tone from the lime. A vigorous attack to the palate, the taste is balanced by a good power consisting of honey, fruit with alcohol (raspberry) and citrus fruits. The character and subtlety makes this beautiful product a perfect aperitivo.

Don't think about it any longer and come to our new wine tasting evening.

It will be a perfect chance to learn more Spanish, get to know more things about wine and socialise with others.

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