The fantastic nature of the Basque Country and spanish classes

The fantastic nature of the Basque Country and spanish classes

06 Aug 2018

The Basque Country is not only well known for its cultural inheritance and unique language, but also for its great nature. By coming here, you have many possibilities to hike through beautiful green landscapes and enjoy the idyllic views near the coast or in the mountains.

One of the main reasons why people come to the Basque Country is the new Camino de Santiago which leads to many important Basque sights. You can start your journey in San Sebastián (Donosti). The city includes the beach la Concha with white and fine sand and is located between Monte Igeldo, from which you have a perfect view over the city, and the gardens of the Miramar palace.

Continuing your trip along the new trail, you will see tourist features which have become famous through the series Game of Thrones recently, for example Zumaia with its breathtaking cliffs and San Juan de Gastelugatxe with its unique stone bridge that leads to an island with a small church on it. Moreover, you have the best surf possibilities in places like Zarautz, Mundaka and Sopela. By passing the city of Bilbao, you can make a detour to the Bosque de Oma which is a colourful painted forest, created by artist Augustín Ibarrola. Right next to it are the Santimamiñe caves with paintings from the Middle Paleolithic to the Iron Age located.

Lastly, to enjoy typical Basque cider and food, you can book your place in one of the cider farms near Bilbao in spring time and experience the traditional life.

If you want to visit the basque country and learn spanish, Hemingway Institute is the place for you.

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