Activity and Spanish Classes: Wine Tasting October 4th 2018

30 Sep 2018

This month, we will be tasting quality red wines.

On October 4th at 7PM, you will have the chance to satisfy your curiosity when it comes to wines as a new wine tasting evening will be held here in Instituto Hemingway. All our students are welcome to participate in this activity. The objective of this tasting is to discover the new Spanish wine tendencies.

We are proposing a historical selection of three wines created exclusively for Vinoselección, a prestigious winemaking group: Juan Gil Bodegas Familiares. These three red wines come from various wine regions in Spain and each wine is produced using the native grape from their respective area: Juan Gil Cuvée Especial 2016 (DO Jumilla), Tridente Tempranillo Cuvée Especial 2016 (VT Castilla y León) and Atteca Cuvée Especial 2016 (DO Calatayud). Iron fist, power and expressiveness; silk glove, elegance and balance. These three wines are oenological gems.

Juan Gil Cuvée Especial 2016 is the perfect example of excellent Monastrell varietals that can be found today in Jumilla.

Tridente Cuvée Especial 2016 was born in a small winery in Zamora where reds are produced using a variety rooted in the region, such as the Tempranillo.

Atteca Cuvée Especial 2016 is one of the best wines from Grenache, Spain; made from a traditional variety of Aragon’s greatest.

We will be waiting for you on October 4th with these interesting wines!

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