First impressions of my stay in Bilbao

30 Oct 2018

It´s the first time for me in Spain very first impression out of the plane was wonderful: I haven´t seen such a beautiful landscape – mountainious parts meeting the seaside.
I like the Mediterranean climate – that´s one of the reasons I chose Spain for the internship. Despite a lot of rainy days the temperature in Bilbao is still very pleasant for October – in comparison to Germany. Another aspect I also appreciate is that people are very helpful here. If any question occurs, they will try to help willingly. In general, I got the impression that the Spanish are very broad-minded concerning other cultures.

Additionally, I also noticed the bright way of life that is part of the daily life. It might sound like a very stereotypical view but basically I can verify what is said about Spain and its inhabitants.
One of the aspects I like most about the spanish way of life is the calm manner that faces in nearly every situation. A feeling of pressure or rush still haven´t crossed my way.
Bilbao can also offer a few cultural assets. Worth visiting are e.g. the Guggenheim Museum, the Cathedral of Santiago or Euskadi plaza. If you don´t want to explore everything by foot there is also the possibility to see certain parts of Bilbao from the river. Therefore, the so called Bilboats are available for tourists.

In contrast, a lot of people also use the special buses for tourists that give a good overview of the city and its charisma. It is also worth to have a look on the street names that occur in a typical design. Contrariwise to Germany, they make a dent through filigree ornaments.

All in all, I got the impression that Bilbao is a very modern city with its impressive architecture and friendly handling. It’s a nice place to live – not only for the time of six months!

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