DELE: A2 Level preparation course and 2019 rounds

02 Nov 2018

You are now able to take the DELE A2 level exam in Bilbao, at the Instituto Hemingway as well as take a specific course to help you prepare everything beforehand.

We offer a level A2 Spanish language course with a focus on preparing for the DELE exam. We help you acquire the necessary knowledge and tools to ensure you pass the test.

During the course, we carry out exam simulations and practical exercises you may encounter to ensure your success. We go through the content of the exam and seek to calm any general doubts or insecurities you might have, give you strategies to prepare as well as review passed exams to put all chances on your side to succeed.

Monday to Thursday from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

50€/week (6 hours – 4 days)
25€/week (3 hours – 2 days)

Remember that you have the option to take the exam in Bilbao. These are the next rounds available in 2019:

February 2019: Friday the 8th
April 2019: Friday the 5th
May 2019: Friday the 24th
July 2019: Friday the 12th
September 2019: Friday the 13th
October 2019: Friday the 4th
November 2019: Friday the 23rd

To register and pay for the exam fees, you must enter on the DELE site where you will find more information:

For more information about the test, visit: or contact Instituto Hemingway by email at or by phone 944167901

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