My internship working in a hotel.

22 Nov 2018

My experience has been phenomenal. I have studied turism and I thought that this course would be ideal for working on my Spanish. I found that since I sent my CV with experience and dates until they signed me to a four star hotel, only ten days went past. The process was very fast and easy.

My supervisor was the Vice principal of the hotel and he was the first person I contacted when I arrived at the hotel. All my flatmates were the same age as me and I had to share a bedroom with a very nice English girl.

On my first day at work I was very nervous but shortly after I calmed myself down since my scholarship partners and the super adviser explained my homework and my itinerary while being very friendly and with a smile at the same time I was presenting myself to the rest of the team. And the hotel´s food buffet for employees is the same proportion as the clients, since the hotel is a vocational hotel.

I had two days off every week and the days just flew past me. They told me that to discover Spain it was best to dedicate my last few weeks of my course to discover this country. That is what I did and my experience couldn´t of gotten any better. I discovered a great country. I made a lot of friends and my Spanish improved a lot.

Before I did the course my Spanish wasn´t very good but I gained confidence because I did courses in the past and I let myself go when I was talking to clients, and what I learnt was that if you do it with a smile everything is easier. The power of a smile causes that effect. In this hotel I discovered that doing my job right, being friendly, and making an effort to comprehend my clients needs is the best achievement.

When I finalized my course I was given a Certificate, with the congratulation from my boss and a recommendation card that has served me good use when I got back to my country. Now I´ve got a great place in a international hotel chain and I plan to keep on travelling and keep in touch.

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