Cultural activities in December

27 Nov 2018

The Spanish programs in the city of Bilbao on the behalf of the Institute of Hemingway are always making a series of activities for students so they can practice their Spanish whether it´s with friends or with your day to day life so you can also have the opportunity to learn about the culture and the different locations of the city.

This last month of the year is filled with lots of different activities that our quite interesting considering the time of year that it is. On one side on the 3rd of November we have a trip to Casco Viejo to taste some great tortilla in a bar found in the Plaza Nueva. Tortilla is a Spanish gastronomy element. On the other hand tortilla has revolutionized in such way that now you have so many different ingredients and types that you can find a tortilla that can adapt to your taste.

On the 5th of December we have a special trip to the Arriaga theatre since we have planned to see Camina Burana and La Fura dels Baus giving a magical and new touch to the great work of Carl Orff.

For the next week we have a few pool-table matches prepared since we all like to see our friends from Spanish classes on a Monday. On another side, we have a very special activity prepared which is Ice Skating programmed for the 11th of December. The meet up location will be at the Institute of Hemingway so that after we can go to the Ice Skating ring which is in the open air.

Continuing with the month, we will find a nativity scene. In some countries they have the tradition of putting up an exposition with little figures representing the birth of Jesus. In this case, we will go to see these representations with great detail and artisanal work.

Whoever wants to learn before Christmas how to taste great cava, our partner Alfredo has programmed a Cava tasting day on the 19th of December at 19:00. He will show us where it originated from and the correct way of tasting cava and some other mysteries or questions that might you might have.

A classic tradition from The Institute of Hemingway returns to commemorate the dates that have passed. Which is the International dinner. That consist in different students bringing a dish from their country and we all reunite to all try all of them and get to know the cultural diversity that we have in our halls.

Finally, for Christmas Eve we have thought about in going to get some Churros with Chocolate to wait for Father Christmas that same night.

With all of these activities that our free for students from the Spanish programs and the excursions to museums, pintxos on Friday, and many other activities, we would like to say goodbye to the year in the best way as possible.

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