An Italian student undetakes a Spanish course in Bilbao

04 Feb 2019

Paolo came to our Spanish course with a direct flight from Rome to Bilbao. Before coming here, our students do an online Spanish test and Paolo was directed to A2 level. He chose to come to Bilbao because he likes to sports a lot and especially surfing.

He is 27 years old and he decided to have a break before starting to work seriously and form a family. Every day when class finishes he takes the metro and goes to the beach.

In approximately half an hour he finds himself catching his favourite waves . Paolo says that family counts for a lot, even more than in Spain and that marriage is sacred. Sometimes he goes with his parents and his siblings to see a football match all together in the stadium.

Also he is from a village like one you would find in Spain, where they pass the summer with wine, tomato and cheese. In the evenings he has a coffee which is almost like a riutal, and served in the Italian way, espresso. The place in Bilbao where is goes is still a secret and he will tell us when he finishes his Spanish course.

Soon the carnival will come and Paolo will wear a mask, like in Venice and he has promised us that he will come dressed up in class. He will also go to Arriaga Theatre or Euskalduna Opera Palace as he is a big fan of operas. The cultural panorama that Bilbao has is huge and for all tastes and for prices that are much cheaper than in Italy.

Even if it was difficult to get used the two welcome kisses that are given here as the Italians offer the left cheek first and the Spanish the right.

When the four weeks of Spanish course finish he said that he would like to carry out an internship with us with one of the businesses that we collaborate with. His Spanish is good enough to do this programme and we are sure that it will not be difficult for him to find a job on his return. Ciao Paolo!

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