The benefits for a Spanish student of having an internship in Spanish

04 Mar 2019

It is great to do an internship in a foreign country. . If you are young, you enjoy travelling and getting to know cultures and languages it is the time. When you study Spanish in the classrooms of your country, sometimes it can become boring and dull, useful and not very beneficial.
To be able to travel to Spain and carry out an internship is a big dream where you see all the time inverted in studying Spanish was not for no reason.

When the student carries out an internship with Instituto Hemingway we always recommend before starting with a couple of weeks of Spanish courses to improve Spanish . This way you get to know the young people of other countries and you get the experience to live in a shared apartment and for the first time far away from your parents and environment. It is a worldly experience. You can carry out the internships in any place in Spain but it is in Bilbao where we have the HQ and you will get to know all the members of the team. After the two recommended weeks you can do an internship in the desired sector. Some internships are paid, some are not but you can improve tour C.V. and get a better job when you return to your country. All of our internships have a common factor: the personal and the global. You can put to the test what you have studied at University or school in real life in a foreign country.

There are many benefits of studying Spanish abroad but overall they are on a personal level of maturity, of vital experiences getting to know what really is a business . Improving the Spanish that you have. In an international environment and being able to move around without using your language or English. Using Spanish as a new form of communicating with your new Spanish friends and with your new business. At the end of the day, the best advantage of all of this experience is you . Discover all of what Bilbao and Spanish can offer you.

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