June 2019 activities for students of Spanish courses in Bilbao!

29 May 2019

Summer is here. We say goodbye to umbrellas, jackets and clouds to say hello to the sun, friends, discover new places and of course continue to improve our Spanish.

The first week, we plan to go to Monte Artxanda. This place will be the presentation of the city from where we can contemplate all the splendor of Bilbao.

On the other hand, the week continues in an excellent way going to the Museum of Fine Arts that with its exhibition of the ABC of ART invites us in each room to discover works with different styles but with a common theme or characteristic.

On the 13th we also have an appointment with flamenco with Juanjo Navas at 20:00. It will be a special moment to discover this great musical genre.

The next week we get a bit greedy as we plan to eat Arrese chocolate palm trees. This pastry shop that began in 1852 has managed to conquer the palate of the people of Bilbao to the point that they know that many people repeat these famous palm trees.

For the right-handed pool players, we have devised a plan for friends, a warm afternoon and a couple of tables to play all of. This popular game famous in many parts of the world is a perfect excuse to improve our Spanish as well as sharing time with our friends.
An interesting visit to the Cathedral of Santiago will be the cultural visit we have planned for June 19. This cathedral that since its origins was actually a small church has become a key point when visiting the old town.

The last week of June, we plan to visit the Guggenheim Museum, one of the most important architectural works of the architect Frank Gehry. With its titanium plates that remind us of the scales of fish, its curves and the memory of the boats that were built in those places in the past is a must when coming to the city.

The Spanish courses with Instituto Hemingway also every Friday has a pintxos dinner in which all students are welcome. It is a time to enjoy and share the experiences of the week.

If you want to do a Spanish course in Bilbao, we are your best option because we are the only center accredited by the Cervantes Institute and we have been teaching Spanish for 20 years.

With each student and in each class with you it is different.

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