How Spanish courses changed my life in Bilbao

10 Jun 2019

My name is Julian, I come from a small town near Cologne in Germany. Some months ago, I decided to take Spanish courses in Bilbao because it is a different city from the big ones already known such as Madrid or Barcelona. I contacted the Instituto Hemingway and in less than 2 days, I already have prepared everything to begin my adventure. At the time, I only had Spanish courses at school for 3 years and I had the B2 level. When I arrived in this town, the first thing that caught my attention was that people were very nice as well as the fact that Spanish people are late is a myth.

My first day of classes was really distracting because I wasn’t the only German who wanted to learn Spanish but also people coming from France, Great Britain, Japan and Morocco. Gradually, we had advanced in classes and lessons. What helped me to improve my Spanish level was the fact that on each Fridays, we went to do an activity which was eating tapas in the evenings all together. It was at that very moment that it is possible to show your Spanish level and to improve it much more. The first time, I was very shy all night, but just seeing people having fun with each other and a good joke relaxed me and that was fun. Then, some groups decided to go to another bar to keep going with the good atmosphere which had been created.

It was at this moment that I realized that in Spain, babyfoot in bars, is such a big tradition that players which were playing it were incredible. Also, in Germany, we play it but not with so much technique. That’s how I began my adventure in which I met a lot of Spanish people playing in bars and at the counter.

I was very happy during those days. When my Spanish classes had stopped, I felt really sad at the idea that this was all going to come to an end. Then, I decided to look for a job in a German bar and to continue my adventure of living in Bilbao. Nowadays, it has been 6 months since I’m in Spain and my English has so much improved that, sometimes, I can have very deep conversations. Nevertheless, I have some issues with the verbs “ser” and “estar” but no one is perfect. Soon, I’ll have to come back home because the university is waiting for me even if it was a wonderful experience.

If you want to have good Spanish courses, Bilbao city and the Instituto Hemingway is the perfect place for you.

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