The perfect city for sustainable tourism is Bilbao

18 Jun 2019

Known cities of many countries have lost the essence itself which had, originally, thanks to mass tourism, emblematic edifices which became big hotels and in the streets, we don’t live in the atmosphere we imagined.

You’ll be with many people who, besides the fact they can talk your language and it is obvious that it will be inevitable not to want to feel you just for a moment in communication with other people if you don’t understand the language of the place.
For students in languages, it is very important to be able to be in a place where the language is still present and even if it seems paradoxical, the very citizens don’t speak English, this becomes an advantage because you have to make one more effort to overcome issues which occur, putting to the test your knowledge.

It is clear that cities such as Barcelona or Madrid have everything that we just said. With this problem, the northern center of the peninsula has a response to the demand of the new places to discover: the Basque Countries. Especially the city of Bilbao.

Having become an industrial city, after the major economic crisis, it has changed in such a way that people who visit it enjoy the best of Bilbao like we’ve never seen. Normally, its reputation is only associated to the Guggenheim museum, which is the jewel of the city in arquitecture. Nevertheless, a lot of people don’t add value of what could be a great walk along the river which cross all the city, and by night, it’s another show.

The old city, in which some edifices still have a lot of details of their original constructions, likewise, it is a pleasant maze of bars, shops, restaurants and museums. Every corner has something special.

On top of that, for lovers of sustainability of the local economy and of the earth, it possesses a perfect model of recycling which makes possible the division of residues and to put it correctly in the dumpster which are in every streets. The craft trade is found in many shops in which there are quality products. Bars have a lot of propositions for every types of palate and alimentary varieties. From meals without gluten to vegan pintxos.

Regarding to the nature of the place, the city is situated between mountains, so that if you want to walk in the forest, in less than 30 minutes you will have trees covering your head. If to the contrary, you are a person who loves beaches, at the same time, you will have the opportunity to go to the Basque coast and bathe yourself in the fresh waters of the Cantabria sea.

Bilbao might have everything you need for your next trip, the only thing that is missing is you!

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