SIELE in more than 70 countries

08 Jul 2019

Now SIELE is in more than 70 countries, overcoming 300 authorised centres of exams.

The networks of authorised centres of SIELE exam has turned into a phenomenon that continues to expand. It does not stop growing.
In less than one and a half year, SIELE has achieved that more than 300 centres have turned into an official centre of SIELE.

The school that has the possibility to round off this number is the Alta Vista Spanish School situated in Katmandu, the capital of Nepal and this confirms the international character of SIELE.

Among the more than 70 countries in which SIELE is present through its network of centres we could highlight places like Nigeria, Bahrain, Vietnam, India and South Korea.

Currently the countries that have the highest numbers of centres are Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Italy and the United States and that shows the importance of Spanish in those territories.

One of the advantages that must be highlighted in terms of the benefits of a SIELE course is the report or certificate received by the candidate.
This certificate will be delivered to the candidate in electronic format within a maximum period of three weeks.

Dare yourself and sign up for our SIELE course.

The benefits you can enjoy besides receiving the certificate are innumerable.

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