2 good universities in the North of Spain

08 Jul 2019

The North of Spain hosts many of the top 20 universities in Spain.

Some of those are:

The Autonomous University of Barcelona

The university opened its doors to the public in 1986, it has a series of illustrious teachers as well as outstanding students that have made it to one of the most recognised. It even includes Mario Vargas Llosa, the writer, as one of its professors, which makes one realise how big it is. It has an average of 37,166 students and 3,262 qualified professors in their corresponding subjects. For that many people, the university also administers a series of accommodations which arrives at the number of 812 apartments which have the capacity to host 2,193 people.

Its campus is so widespread as it responds to the need to accommodate all students in the city.

The University of the Basque Country

In an area that is a bit more central north, we can find the Basque Country. It is a community in which a completely different culture merges with the rest of Spain and where a series of landscapes can be seen in which mountains and the ocean are in the same place. Since 1548 it has watched over the education of the Basque country presenting excellent results at a national level. With 3 campuses dispersed around the city in which the tube and the bus network provide the students with more mobility. Furthermore, it has 4,202 professors and 44,201 students.

In order to access this type of university it is vital to know Spanish. In some campuses it is not necessary since English is part of the subject. Nevertheless, for those students who will stay for an extended period of more than one or two years, they have to learn the language. Therefore, we search for you the best Spanish schools that are near you as well as the courses that adapt to your needs. In general, the students we help look for Spanish classes in the afternoon because in the morning they are quite busy with their classes.

Therefore, do not think twice and come to us if you want to learn Spanish.

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