I need a student Visa to come to Spain. What can I do?

08 Jul 2019

In our Spanish school everything is easy and quick but also efficient. The first thing you should do is have clear dates when you want to come to Spain. Generally, you apply for a student Visa in your home country.

The process takes some time and it is necessary to be well informed about the requirements on the webpage of the Spanish Embassy. You should inform yourself first, enrol in the Spanish school for at least 20 hours per week and later make the payment and book an appointment with the Spanish Consulate or the Embassy closest to you. Do not forget to provide a medical insurance, which is valid in Spain for the time you are here.

We have special prices for your medical insurance and for your Spanish course. Surely, you have many more questions. We will be happy to solve them with our administrative staff via email or Skype. We are here to help you and in case of an unfavourable solution we give you all your money back except 100. You can see that in our contracting policies on our webpage.

If you are a serious candidate, the greater the initial amount of the payment is, the better to meet the requirements and be able to enjoy your stay in Spain. Also regarding to accommodation, it is important to know the address where you will live in Spain. Our school provides a great variety of accommodations and if you book an accommodation with us, we also manage the process. If you come for more than 6 months you will need a police report verifying that you have not committed any crime in your country. After the registration in the Spanish course, we immediately send you via digital signature to your email all the documents that legitimate your registration and payment in the programme. This is what you have to take the day of the appointment at the Spanish Consulate or Embassy in your country.

Once you arrive in Spain the procedure continues because you must go to a police station to get your student card, ask for an appointment and make a final payment (approx. 20 Euros) and in about a month you will have your student card. Complicated? Not with us. In the end, the most important thing when you want to buy a service is reliability and experience and our school has 20 years in the sector.

Discover all the opportunities and rights that the student card gives you in terms of work and travel once you are in Europe. If finally, you want to renew your student cards, the procedure is easier a for that you should demonstrate a certificate which accredits your achieved Spanish level.

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