Nationality test

09 Jul 2019

How do I prepare?

The nationality test or the CCSE, shows the level of knowledge a person has about the Constitution and the reality of Spanish society. Designed by the Cervantes Institute, it is one of the established requirements in the law for the acquisition of the Spanish citizenship.

Nevertheless, to be able to study something so great since it can be all about one country, is perhaps quite a difficult task since we will be asked about the government, legislation, citizen participation in Spain, culture, history, Spanish society and geography among other themes.

Thus, sometimes it can be difficult to combine the preparation for this exam not only because of the personal hours and work that we can have, but also it is also difficult to know from what point until another one should start studying, what sources to consult, the design and preparation of the notes etc.

Therefore, the Instituto Hemingway delivers the closeness with classes in which those questions that show up in this exam are addressed. Between the different schools we can contact, we try to always find the closest for you. Therefore, if you wish to ensure and guarantee time for the preparation of the nationality test, this is the opportunity you are looking for. Moreover, we can help you to register so that you have everything clear as we check that all the requirements are fulfilled perfectly.

The cost of the course is affordable since it comes at the number of sessions a person needs. Thus, if you only want to take one session, it is possible. Then, when passing the nationality test it is one step less to obtain Spanish nationality. It is a clear breakthrough for future residents that should be taken.

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