Spanish courses for young people: international boys and girls

26 Jul 2019

Of all the Spanish courses for teenagers how do you know which one is the best for you? From a small seed can sprout a large trunk- Aeschylus-
When we cast a look back and we see ourselves as teenagers we do not feel the same fear as when we send our children away to do a language course.

The children want freedom and escape from their parents for a time to be able to experiment for themselves and the parents feel the insecurity and fear of sending them abroad because they worry that something might happen, but they also need to improve their Spanish. All this creates anxiety for them, and many spend their time calling their children. They view them as fragile and they want to continue taking care of them even though they are abroad, but they have to learn to fly on their own. They are the reason their parents spend loads of money on sending them to school, as trusted monitors and teachers, with health insurance and all other extras and just in case. All of this has only one aim: to have the maximum security whilst ensure that their children are studing Spanish.

You know what we have seen over the years? That many parents do not know their children, that they give them all kind of treats because they do not really have time for them, they come home tired and the last thing they want is an argument so they give concessions to their children to leave them alone. When the years pass and those children go to do an intensive Spanish course and they stay with a Spanish family the problems start to arsie and the parents who did not dedicate time to their children become tyrants and despots, but with the educators and the children with the welcoming families and teachers. Do you agree? It is an explosive mixture but with patience the real professionals know how to deal with it.

Moreover, many of those safety-seeking parents prefer to listen to their children and send them to more expensive but more famous places for teenagers because they have seen that city on television even though that means learning less Spanish and paying more money.
A Spanish course for teenagers means attention and dedication from the first day, having them tired with Spanish courses and leisure and cultural activities in the afternoons in classes that are not overcrowded and with loving and caring families.

A great added advantage is to offer this course for young people all year round, giving flexibility and attractive prices for the long-suffering parents. If you also have added quality, such as being an Instituto Cervantes Accredited Centre, your child will have an unforgettable experience at all levels, educational and personal, and you will learn that you do not have to spend a lot of money to have a good Spanish course.

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