The activities in September for the students of the Spanish courses in Bilbao are here!

01 Sep 2019

September promises to be a month full of culture! You can make the most out of these free activities that Instituto Hemingway offers to get to know Bilbao and new people from around the world. Is there a better way to learn Spanish!

We will start the first week of September with a little bit of culture, for we will take a group to visit the Santiago Cathedral, located in the heart of the old town. We will also go and eat Carolinas in an authentic Basque confectionery!

Custards, meringue and dark chocolate are the main components for this delicious dessert. Enjoy!

On Friday, September 07, after the classes, students will be able to start in the evening, and like every Friday, the weekend can begin with an evening of pintxos, drinks and excellent conversations with other students.

Next week, September 09, we have thought about a visit to the old town where we will talk about the origins of the city. Moreover, we have planned two visits to museums. On the 10th the students can visit the magnificent Guggenheim Museum and on the 11th we have planned a visit to the Museum of Peace in Guernica.

September 17 at 19:30 our dear Alfredo will take you through a wine tasting at Instituto Hemingway. That evening you will be able to taste and enjoy 3 wines especially selected by our specialist. You should pay attention to our web page to find more information about the wines that will be tasted.

The next day an excursion is planned in Bilbao to the Palacio de la Diputación Foral. Furthermore, the month continues with us going to the Plaza Nueva to eat some Spanish tortilla on the 23rd. We love it because we have different flavours of potato tortillas as well as everything is accompanied by a bit of white wine.

Who wants a bit of action on Wednesday night? We have thought about going out to play table football to have a mini world championship. Which representative of what country will be the best?

To end the month, we have an international dinner planned on the 30th where everyone is kindly invited to come and bring a typical dish from your country to share with others and enjoy all together.

All these activities are free for the students of the Spanish courses in Bilbao offered by Instituto Hemingway. Therefore, if you want to learn Spanish in a natural way in a wonderful city, we are your school.

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