Very special students in Bilbao

15 Nov 2019

Traveling doesn’t just mean a change of place for a few days. You suddenly find yourself in totally different surroundings where even eating is a new experience. Two students who recently spent two weeks in Bilbao know exactly how that works. They experienced the sun and the summer heat of the Basque coast and even got a taste of the rainy winter in Bilbao. Their way to travel, their openness towards new ideas and their interest to really understand the reality the Basques lives is what makes their way to travel an example to follow.

If they took part in the afternoon activities, provided by the Instituto Hemmingway, they always listened closely to all the explanations, took photos of all the important sights and moments and left behind only good memories for those who had been with them.

The best thing about them is their loving and grateful character. They always said their goodbyes warmly and put a smile on everybody’s face.

That is why, at Instituto Hemmingway, it is easy for both the administration and the teaching staff to establish friendly ties with many of our students, having these characteristics. The experience of studying Spanish does not simply have to be just about attending classes, vocabulary and grammar. Definitely not. The usage of the Spanish language in moments of joy and experiences with the local culture helps a lot with the improvement of your speaking Level.
We hope that we will get the chance to share our passion for this language and this country with you and welcome you at the Instituto Hemmingway in Bilbao soon.

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