Guest teachers in the USA,Canada, the United Kingdom and China 2019-2020

19 Nov 2019

The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training is offering Jobs as guest teachers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and China for the upcoming course 2019-2020.
Thanks to that offer a big number of teachers will have the opportunity to practice their profession during their stay abroad.

The goal of this program is it, to offer teachers the possibility to work and evolve personally over a time period of three years, in the countries mentioned above, with the possibility of extending their stay by two years.

The chosen ones will teach in bilingual Spanish courses and also in other areas and subjects.

This program wants to improve the quality of education programs in Canada, to spread the teaching of the Spanish language and culture and strengthen the educational and cultural bonds between Spain, the EU, China and Canada.

Also former cases proved that the students enjoyed the program, due to the fact that they gained a lot of experience and knowledge, or so they told us.

The places offered are assigned to primary and secondary schools, and, according to forecasts, a total of 777.

To receive all the details concerning this program please follow the following link:

End of deadline: 02.12.2019
Enjoy the opportunity!

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