Activities of February!

31 Jan 2020

This February is very special for two reasons: first of all, we have cultural activities which we´ll explain next and secondly, it´s the month of Carnival, Valentine´s Day and every four years a ¡leap year!

Therefore, the students of Hemingway are scheduled to go ice skating the first week of February to slide more and more to a higher level of ice skating ánd Spanish.
Furthermore, the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum will change its exhibition soon, so our next visit on February 5th will be a total surprise!

For those who wants to enjoy more activities and discover new places in the city, we are going to Puente de Portugalette which is a World Heritage Site. Its reddish color along with the green of the river gives a feeling of calm to see this imposing iron titan that has been allowing the inhabitants of both sides of the river to cross from one side to another.

Later that week we will go near that area but to carry out a larger company: Walking from Algorta to Sopelana. A beautiful walk along the coast of Vizcaya in which there will be small mountains and cliffs will dazzle us.

After this walk, the next day the true champions will have a good pintxo de patata en Plaza Nueva. This, and a delicious Txakoli will get us ready to continue learning Spanish in Bilbao.
Maybe in future Instituto Hemingway will be having its own wine cellar. Until then, our wine teacher Alfredo will tell us the secrets of how to taste a good wine: the tasting is scheduled on February 17th. The art of knowing how to taste wine is very interesting and since we have this artistic air, we take the opportunity to go to the Guggenheim Museum where its architecture and works make it one of the most interesting places of the city.

Among the activities and many others that you can consult in the calendar of our website or in the file under this news.
We hope to see you soon!

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