Courses to be a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language: online courses

27 Mar 2020

Now you can continue your training from home comfortably. Take advantage of your free time and learn Spanish

Have you thought about becoming a Spanish teacher?
These courses allow you to became a Spanish teacher, obtain an accrediting diploma and learn the techniques and tools to become a Spanish teacher.
All training is done from a Virtual Classroom with the permanent support of a teacher.

We have been training Spanish teachers for more than 15 years. Our school is a benchmark in the training of Spanish teachers; we are an Accredited Center by Instituto Cervantes. We include the option of practicing and observing classes both in person and online at the end of the training period. We have a specific job bank for our students.
You can find detailed information about the Spanish teachers course at this link
For more information, take a look at ELE teachers course
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And if you already have previous training in Spanish didactics and want to deepen your preparation, we have the Advanced Course for Spanish Teachers ELE For more information take a look at Advanced ELE teachers course

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