Spanish teacher training course: work as an online / Skype teacher

06 Apr 2020

Have you thought about working as a Spanish teacher online? Would you like to train to work as a Spanish teacher on virtual platforms?
There is a growing demand for Spanish teachers capable of teaching Spanish online. Many students need qualified teachers capable of teaching Spanish through virtual platforms such as Google Classroom or through Skype-style communication systems, Google Hangouts, Zoom ...
Now you have the opportunity to train as a Spanish teacher. At Instituto Hemingway we have two courses for the training of Spanish teachers. We have paid special attention to helping you with the necessary tools and content related to Spanish teaching so that you can become a good face-to-face teacher and also a good online teacher
In addition to general content, we specifically address the use of ICT information technologies in the Spanish classroom. We will learn about the resources and techniques to incorporate these tools in the classroom. We will also discuss the use of virtual classrooms and virtual platforms to teach Spanish. We will see techniques and elements that you can incorporate into your online or remote classes and we will try to take advantage of communication tools like Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts ...
Working from home, using virtual classrooms, enhancing personalized tutoring, creating individual classes, using applications for group classes, developing a schedule for your virtual platform ... are some of the aspects that you can learn with the courses.
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