Wine tasting for spanish students in Bilbao

23 Jul 2020

Don’t miss our famous wine degustation in Instituto Hemingway. This time we have three very special Spanish Whites and look forward to tasting them with you.

First there is the Glárima de Somos 2016, a Roble Chardonnay de Somontano , the southern edge of the pyrenees. At first you might detect a scent of tropical fruit aromas before the bouquet is topped of with dried fruit and hazelnut, acquired by the aging process in french oak barrels. In addition to the bouquet a discerning palate may experience buttery and pastry flavours.

Second, we will have a 2018 Gewürztraminer prepared for degustation - a special edition of just 6000 bottles: the Pirineos Telvin originates from the same region as the Chardonnay, but its grape variety (of German-speaking descent, as the name indicates) isn’t nearly as well known, although Gewürztraminer look back at a at least 400 year history of cultivation, despite its typically low yield. Its aromatic, flowery citrus bouquet is completed by notes of ripe fruits and gives an overall sweet taste with only mild notes of acid.

Last but not least we have the 2017 Aura Verdejo from the region of Rueda, which possesses exceptional natural resources for the production of top-quality wines and is located in the province of Valladolid in Community of Castile and León. This Verdejo, which is the most common type of grape in Rueda and looks back at many hundreds of years of wine-growing tradition (although forgotten until recent times and nowadays held in high regard again), is no exception and will indulge your taste buds with a palate of aromatic, herbaceous notes, but also nutty flavours.

So be sure to be part of casual wine-tasting party in one of our rooms with balconies overlooking the picturesque old town of Bilbao, the Casco Viejo de Bilbao.Everything is set for a wonderful evening!

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