August 2020 Activities for our students

31 Jul 2020

Typically, the month of August is a month of fiestas and dancing in Spain and it’s no different here in Bilbao. Unfortunately, because of the Corona Virus crisis, most of these annual events had to be cancelled, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t prepared another month of special activities for our students of Instituto Hemingway:

First we take our most sea-worthy students on a sailing trip through the area surrounding the Bilbao harbor, which isn’t just an opportunity to breath fresh air and enjoy a summer day while on water, it also gives an impression of Bilbao’s economic past. Those who feel safer on land, didn’t fit on the boat or prefer feeding their sweet tooth, we offer the opportunity to try the popular Spanish specialty of Churros con Chocolate.

Next we’ll visit the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum on August 5th, where we get a chance to enjoy the work of María Josefa Huarte, amongst other artwork.

Maybe in future Instituto Hemingway will be having its own wine cellar. Until then, our wine teacher Alfredo will tell us the secrets of how to taste a good wine: the tasting is scheduled on August 19th. The art of knowing how to taste wine is complex and very interesting - and since this will put us in an artistic mood, the following Monday we take the opportunity to go to the Guggenheim Museum. Its architecture and artworks make it one of the must-see places of the city.

After a week of working hard on their Spanish language skills, we expect our students to be hungry on Fridays. That’s why every Friday, it’s time for our famous Pintxos-nights, where we eat, drink, laugh, talk and take the opportunity to get to know each other even better! We will meet in Instituto Hemingway and will go to our favourite usual bar at 20:30 o´clock.

As the wine probe is always is one of our most popular activities, we will also end the month with another degustation, in which our wine connoisseur Alfredo will present us with more select choices of Spanish wines.

Supplemented with a visit to the Catedral des Santiago, a walk through the oldest part of the town, the Casco Viejo, and a tasting of Iberian ham, Jamón Ibérico, the August of 2020 is going to be another great month for our students!

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