Wine tasting for Spanish students in Bilbao!

16 Sep 2020

On 18/09/2020 we will have a wine tasting in which we will focus on the Félix Solís winery with its brand “Bronte”.

On this occasion we will try 3 wines from the same place but with different types of grapes.

The first wine is a Bronte with the Syrah grape variety. This is an intense raspberry wine. It presents aromas suggestive of violet, plum and black fruits of the forest. Flavors of plum, currant and blackberry jams leave a pleasant and prolonged memory in the mouth.

Following on the same Bronte line, we find a variety of Merlot in the second wine. It has a young character and has a great potential of balsamic, fruit and vegetable aromas, with a very elegant body, fleshy, rich and compact. It has a much defined aroma with silky tannins that caress the palate, resulting in a very elegant and harmonious wine in its passage of mouth.

Finally, in third place comes the Bronte made from the Cabernet Sauvignon variety. It is characterized by its deep color, tannic in its youth and by its unmistakable pleasant vegetable aromas with green pepper and fruit trees with blueberries and raspberries. In the mouth it is pleasant, fleshy, dense and kind.

The Félix Solís winery is a family business and one of the most prestigious national wineries. It has been able to pass on all its history and wine tradition to each generation. In addition, it combines technological advances with more traditional methods at all times and preserves among other customs the manual harvesting method.

If you are a wine lover, you are invited to participate! Students of the Spanish courses in Bilbao of Instituto Hemingway enjoy these type of activities particularly as they are included in the price of the Spanish courses. If you want to participate in both our courses and our activities, do not hesitate to contact us.


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