Price and dates of the CCSE exams 2021 in Bilbao

10 Sep 2020

The test of constitutional and socio-cultural knowledge of Spain (CCSE) is an exam developed by Instituto Cervantes that evaluates, through different tasks, knowledge of the Spanish Constitution and social and cultural reality. It is organized into two main sections, each of which corresponds to what is set out in the law for obtaining Spanish nationality in certain cases:

• Government, legislation and citizen participation in Spain.
• Culture, history and Spanish society.

JANUARY: 28/01/2021
Registration deadline 07/01/2021.

FEBRUARY: 25/02/2021
Registration deadline 04/02/2021.

MARCH: 25/03/2021
Registration deadline 04/03/2021.

APRIL: 29/04/2021
Registration deadline 08/04/2021.

MAY: 27/05/2021
Registration deadline 06/05/2021.

JUNE: 24/06/2021
Registration deadline 03/06/2021.

JULY: 29/07/2021
Registration deadline 08/07/2021.

SEPTEMBER: 30/09/2021
Registration deadline 09/09/2021.

OCTUBER: 28/10/2021
Registration deadline 07/10/2021.

NOVEMBER: 25/11/2021
Registration deadline 04/11/2021.

At Instituto Hemingway we help candidates to prepare for the test just as we resolve any doubts that may arise with topics covered in the exams.

Our classes have flexible schedules just like the teacher who teaches them has a great knowledge of history, politics and the Spanish constitution.

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