Cultural Activities for our Students | October 2020

29 Sep 2020

This month may be a little spookier than past Octobers, but that doesn´t mean we can´t have lots of fun! Prepare to be immersed in Basque culture, make friends, learn and have loads of fun!

We are starting with our Friday tradition of going out for Pintxos on the 2nd October. Pintxos are a Basque take on tapas, and Bilbao is well-known for having many delicious Pintxos places all over the city.

On the 5th we are going to test our skills in bowling , only a short bus journey away.

On the 7th we are hoping to go to the beach! There are approximately 8 beaches near to Bilbao to enjoy, so grab your sunscreen and a towel.

We are going to continue our Friday food theme with Spanish omelettes on the 9th . Unlike regular egg omelettes, the
Spanish incorporate potato into their recipe – why not?

We will be exploring the Guggenheim Museum on the 14th October, discovering works by Lee Krasner, William Kentridge, Lygia Clark, and many others including some renowned Basque artists, marvelling at its beautiful architecture and pieces inside and out.

On the 16th we will enjoy churros with chocolate, with many places to chose from.

We will be taking the funicular train up to Mount Artxanda on the 19th for the beautiful views and iconic Basque scenery.

Cinema 21st – choose any film you want! Not only is this a fantastic way to improve your listening skills, but also an easy, immersive and fun leisure activity.

Pintxos again on the 23rd!

We will be renting bikes and cycling around the city on the 26th to see the sites such as the Guggenheim, passing by the river, various bridges, trees, taking in the colourful buildings and luscious mountains.

On the 28th October, our very own Alfredo will be hosting a wine tasting evening sharing his vast expertise on Spanish wines and his own personal collection. Expect good conversations with a side of vino tinto.

Fiesta! – Midday 30th : Get your Halloween costume on and let’s spend a terrific night of terror together!

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