Wine tasting in november

06 Nov 2020

OUr students at Instituto Hemingway have, once again, the opportunity to participate in a wine tasting on the 18th November. Alfredo is going to present us with wine from the Tempranillo grape variety. We are going to taste the same type of wine, but from different years.

We plan to start with the freshest wine. The first bottle is from 2018. It has an intense cherry-red colour with a fine, elegant aroma of vanilla and red fruits. On the palate it is fruity with deep flavours, a hint of sweetness, well-integrated tannins and an excellent finish. It is the perfect accompaniment to roasts, meats of all kinds, cured meat products, semi-mature cheeses and pastas.

We continue our wine tasting with a bottle from 2017, having spent 12 months in American oak barrels in deep cellars, to achieve the fullness of its extraordinary character. It is a tasty wine with an intense cherry color. It has a fine and complex aroma of mature fruit over elegant notes of spicy aromas. Powerful and tasty on the palate with a perfect balance between fruitier notes and those acquired during oak aging. A long aftertaste and an excellent finish.

Our final wine selected is a grand reserve from 2014. The color is an intense ruby-red, with ochre tones, complex in the nose, with a magnificent bouquet of aging well accompanied by aromas of spices and balsamic tones. Full, well-structured and velvety on the palate, with a powerful finish and good tannin notes. It is a good accompaniment to roasts, red meats, game and mature cheeses.

We cannot wait to see you at our wine tasting on 18th November. Cheers!

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