Christmas exhibition with cribs from all over the world

21 Dec 2020

You think you've seen everything Christmas has to offer? Then this exhibition might be perfect for you!

"Belenes del Mundo" (cribs of the world) is one of the largest crib exhibitions in Europe. Cribs from all over the world with their various cultural peculiarities are presented on an area of 1000m². A Christmas exhibition the world has never seen before! 

Don't miss the opportunity to see thousands of exhibits from all five continents: from the simplicity of the African cribs to the sophistication of the Russian specimens, from the modesty of the Esparto cribs to the luxury of silver cribs with brocade fabrics. All represent an ethnographic representation of the customs and clothing of each area. 

Traditional objects and special materials, clothing and colours capture and animate the most representative customs of an area and with each of their unique details, they unite the identity of different cultures under the same theme: Christmas.


Visitors can enjoy this exhibition with all their senses. During the tour, they can receive explanations from the inspector herself, recorded in Spanish, Basque and English, so that every visitor can hear them on their own mobile phone and hygiene measures can be observed. This way you cannot miss even the tiniest detail of the exhibition’s detail!


Finally, you can enjoy a traditional Christmas market. There are stalls with a wide selection of plants, jewelry, textiles, toys, products of the Basque cuisine and typical Christmas gifts.

Our afternoon activities are free for all Instituto Hemingway students. Have a look! We look forward to seeing you.

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