Learn Spanish and Flamenco at the same time in Bilbao!

02 Apr 2021

Instituto Hemingway is offering you a “Spanish & Flamenco" package for 4 weeks which includes 20 hours of morning Spanish lessons per week followed by 4 hours of Flamenco. 

At Instituto Hemingway we also take care of your accommodation in halls of residence, shared apartments or with host families so that you can really dive into Spanish culture.

Make the most of this exceptional offer for only 660-€ and go back home knowing how to speak and dance like a real Spaniard!

Have you ever been absolutely in awe watching flamenco dancers? Perhaps you have secretly imagined yourself being able to express emotion through dance as they do by simply following the movement of the music.

Flamenco is a typical Romany art form from Andalusia but has become widespread throughout Spain and all over the world as the “dance of passion”. It even gained ¨cultural heritage of humanity¨ status from UNESCO in 2010. This dance is symbolic and has been passed from one generation to the next since the 18th century. It’s incredibly diverse artistic skills, such as singing, dancing and playing guitar are vital so that performers can convey various emotions such as joy, anger and pain.

Learning Spanish through Flamenco is an essential form of linguistic and cultural immersion for those who are drawn to the dance, music, rhythm and the expression of Spanish tradition. Don't worry about your current skill level! It isn´t necessary to have special knowledge of singing or dancing, you only need a lot of interest for the subject and the desire to practise and to improve Spanish!

With the Instituto Hemingway, we offer you the opportunity to make your dream come true with our wide range of Spanish courses. You can learn in individual sessions or in a small group, which guarantees quality of teaching and allows for personalization and adaptation to your level and your needs so you can learn Spanish easily and quickly in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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