Upcoming cultural activities this May for students at Instituto Hemingway

04 May 2021

As we move into the month of May, here in Bilbao we have started to get excited about our new program of cultural activities for those taking courses at Instituto Hemingway. These activities range from local gastronomy to music and art. Continue reading to see what exciting plans we have in store over the coming weeks!

On Wednesday 5 May at 5.30pm we are off to the cinema for the evening. Get your popcorn ready!

On Friday 7 May at 6.00pm we are going to try some txakolí. What is txakolí? According to doctor Juan Uruñuela the meaning of “txakolí” as we know it today is “farmhouse wine” or “wine made in a farmhouse” which derives from the Basque “etxakoa” (homemade). We know that our students will enjoy this experience quintessential to Bilbao.

The following week, on Wednesday 12 May at 2:00pm we are going to see the famous Azkuna columns. In the “atrium of cultures” at Azkuna Zentroa you can see the 43 stunning pillars all in different styles.

On Friday 14 May at 5:00pm our English intern Rosie is going to be organising a British “Pub Quiz” for the students. The quiz will be full of fun general knowledge questions with rounds on music, food and the British Royal Family. Of course, the quiz will be in Spanish. Which team will win?

The next week we will be enjoying some culinary activities with “churros y chocolate” on Monday 17 May at 4:00pm and croquettes on Wednesday 19 May at 5:00pm. We shall finish the week off with a visit on Friday 21 May at 2:00pm to Artxanda Viewpoint to see some marvellous views of Bilbao and take some snaps for Instagram.

On Monday 24 May at 2:00pm we have planned a visit to the famous Guggenheim Museum with its world-famous architecture.

For the rest of that week the plan is to eat, eat, eat! On Wednesday 26 May at 4:00pm students will get the chance to try some Carolinas de Bilbao: pastries typical of Bilbao that consist of a puff pastry base topped with a cone of meringue dipped in chocolate and egg glaze. On Friday 28 May at 6:00pm we are off to have some pinxos!

Finally, to wrap up the month of activities on Monday 31 May at 5:00pm we will be hosting the international dinner. Our students will bring a dish from their own country to share a taste of home with their companions.

We are very excited to give our students the opportunity to practise their Spanish and learn about the customs and traditions of this beautiful city during the May activities program.

If you wish to participate in one of these activities do not hesitate to contact us and be part of our school!

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