Spanish course and cultural activities: ham and wine tasting on October 6, 2021

03 Oct 2021

Next Wednesday, October 6, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. we invite you to participate in a ham and wine tasting that we have organized at Instituto Hemingway. These cultural activities are aimed at all students of Spanish courses and people interested in learning about gastronomy.

Ham is one of those special foods in Spain that is present in the great events of Spanish society from birthdays, weddings and Christmas.

During our activity, we will talk about ham, its characteristics, types, varieties and how it is cut. And very importantly, we are going to pair the ham with a Rioja de Crianza wine from Bodegas Lyng. A crianza from 2015 that has been labeled for Instituto Hemingway that we are going to compare and contrast with a young wine from Ribera de Duero that will be chosen by our students.

The objective of our tasting is to learn to distinguish different types of ham, learn to pair it with wine and above all it is an excellent opportunity to learn new vocabulary and many curiosities about ham and wine. So on October 6, 2021 we are waiting for you all to enjoy ham and wine.

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