Spreading the Christmas cheer at Instituto Hemingway

10 Nov 2021

Instituto Hemingway will be spreading the Christmas cheer this year: we will be open throughout December! We know how much our students want to make the most of their time in Spain, which is why we believe in the importance of allowing our students every opportunity possible to learn and improve their Spanish. We may even have some special Christmas cultural activities in store for you!! Who’s up for a special cata de cavas, an evening of fun discovering traditional Spanish Christmas treats, a visit to the nativity scenes in the Museum of Pasos de Semana Santa, and even a trip to one of Bilbao’s many Christmas markets? If you’re interested in getting involved and studying during this festive period, why not send us a message or give us a call to discover more about what you can get up to this December with Instituto Hemingway.

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