Wine tasting in December for students of Spanish courses in Bilbao

17 Dec 2021

We are approaching the last days of the year and that is why we want to do a special wine tasting on December 22 at 7:00 p.m.

This day we will taste 3 very different wines but we will maintain consistency in its aging time and afterwards we will value the third wine for its remoteness.

La vendimia de Lan Reserva 2016 (Rioja)

It is a very personal and limited wine that Bodega Lan after its 2014 and 2015 editions is encouraged to show us again. It is a Rioja where the Tempranillo grape predominates but has a very good amount of Graciano. Both grapes come from the same estate and with them they bring the true essence of La Rioja.

Pata Negra Crianza 2017 (Valdepeñas)

A good representative of the Tempranillo from the Valdepeñas area with a bright crimson color. On the nose it presents oak, plum and very accentuated notes of vanilla. With those 12 months in the barrel you can see the presence of the wood and your dry body. In the mouth, the sensation it gives us is tannic, spicy and with a long aftertaste.

Mildiani Kindzmarauli (Киндзмараули) 2019 (Kakheti)

This wine traveled 3936 kilometers to finish in our classrooms so that all of our students can taste this semi sweet Georgia wine. It is composed of the old Saperavi ink variety. We are very curious about this type of wine because in Spain it is not usually customary for it to have this sweetness. It is also a very special wine for the school because apart from its origin, it was given to us by the mother of one of our students. Therefore, we want to thank you very much for this detail that always encourages us to want to continue giving a good service to our students.

If you want to participate in the wine tasting, it is enough that you are a student at the Instituto Hemingway. In addition to the Spanish courses we offer in Bilbao, we include cultural activities where students can practice and improve their Spanish.

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