Spanish courses and wine tasting: Monday the 26th of January

14 Jan 2022

With the beginning of the new year we have planned another red wine tasting, to which we would like to invite all of the students attending our Spanish courses. The tasting will be on Monday the 26th of January at 19:00, here in our school in Bilbao.

On this date we will be trying 3 very unique wines, all young and coming from various regions of Spain.

Pata Negra Apasionado, D.O Jumilla. Wine made from Monastrell grapes. Rich as much in toasted aromas as in those of dark fruits, giving it an elegant, full, itenso and modern impression.

Entreríos. Coming from Galicia, this wine is notable for its intense and brilliant cherry-red colour. The bouquet presents elements of matured fruits, of blackberry, and raspberry, as well as some notes of preserve.

Antaño 2019.  A wine from Rioja, selected from the 2019 harvest. With a Tempranillo base, which provides it with a ruby hue, along with a combination of both red and black berry aromas.

If you would like to participate in the wine tasting, all that is required is that you are already a student at Instituto Hemingway. Beyond the Spanish courses that we offer here in Bilbao, we also include cultural activities in which students have the opportunity to practice and improve their Spanish.

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