WINE TASTING with Spanish courses : Thursday 24 March 2022 7:30 p.m.

17 Mar 2022

Spring is just around the corner. It's time to have an aperitif and a glass of wine in company and learn Spanish. For Instituto Hemingway it's always spring and that's why we never tire of organising new wine tastings to socialise, practice Spanish, have fun and learn about the world of wine with our expert Alfredo.

The main characters of this wine tasting will be three different wines and we are going to see together which ones they are.

Patanegra Apasionado Ecológico

This wine is produced in organic vineyards of Monastrell grapes (a type of black berry grape that grows in different regions of the world) cultivated in Jumilla (a common area of Murcia). The agriculture used in these vineyards is organic because no chemical products are used, respecting the fauna and flora. The Patanegra Apasionado reveals intense aromas of red fruit, such as cherry and plum. We recommend pairing it with appetizers and snacks.

Cune Ribera del Duero 2019

This red wine is made with grapes from the Cune winery's own vineyards at an altitude of 800 metres above sea level, located in the town of Villalba (Burgos). It displays an intense aroma of forest fruits and black liquorice integrated with vanilla and roasted notes due to its five months in American oak barrels.

It is recommended to combine it with cheeses or meats.

Mas Rubiachs 2002

This is a wine made by Bodega Roqueta with the prized grapes Cabernet Savignon and Tempranillo (two different types of black berry grapes, the first grown in France and the latter in Spain). Mas Rubiachs has a wild fruit aroma and can accompany any dish, especially those based on meat and cheese.

So, now that we know a bit of theory, it remains for us to apply it. We are waiting for you!

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