Students of Spanish courses get to know processions

05 Apr 2022

Holy Week is a key moment for all believers. However, as it is not celebrated in other countries, many of our students ask us some questions about it: What are these parades? Why is it celebrated? Can we participate?Why does everything close?

We will try to answer these typical questions.

First of all, we have to speak with some caution, because these "parades" actually correspond to the 'processions'.

All this started of course in the Middle Ages. The real motivation is to represent or imitate the Stations of the Cross. Without having to dig deeper into the matter, if we mix tradition and the passage of time it is clear that we will end up with the fact that nowadays they are done more than before, and in a different way. As we are all aware, culture is constantly changing.

If you want to read more, here is an article on the topic.

Why do we celebrate these festivities?

As a religious festival, it reminds us of the last moments of Christ in the world. Therefore, following the chronology told in the Gospels, we see episodes such as his arrival in Jerusalem, his trial, his crucifixion, burial and resurrection. For believers, these days are of high emotional and spiritual value.

Can we participate?

Of course you can participate in some ways, for example, by watching the processions that will take place in the city. Here are some of them:

9 APRIL: Passion Saturday 

Procession of Jesus tied to the pillar and Our Lady of Bitterness

Time: 19.30

Route: Colegio PP. Jesuitas de Indautxu-Alda. Urquijo - Gregorio de la Revilla - Plaza Campuzano - Rodríguez Arias - Máximo Aguirre - Ercilla - Alda. Urquijo - Colegio PP. Jesuits of Indautxu

APRIL 10: Palm Sunday

Procession of the Borriquito

Time: 12.00 a.m.

Route: San Vicente Parish Church - lbáñez de Bilbao - Alda. Mazarredo - Gran Vía - Plaza Moyúa - Ercilla - Colón de Larreategui - Plaza del Ensanche - lbáñez de Bilbao - San Vicente parish church.

Procession of Our Lady of Charity

Time: 18.30

Route: Santa Cruz Parish Church - Barrio de la Cruz - Camino del Polvorín - Etxebarria Park - Parish Priest Ugaz - Cuesta de Elizalde - Virgen de Begoña - Basílica de Begoña - Cuesta de Elizalde - Parish Priest Ugaz - Amadeo Deprit - Batalla de Lepanto - Santa Cruz Parish Church

APRIL 11: Easter Monday

Procession of El Nazareno

Time: 20.30

Route: San Francisco de Asís Parish Church (Fifth Parish Church) - Hurtado de Amézaga - Zabálburu Square - San Francisco - Cantalojas Cortes Bridge - Cantalojas - San Francisco - Corazon de María Square. Final act and singing of saetas.

If you are more interested, we leave you with the whole list right here.

If you are curious about the other public holidays in Spain we leave you the list here too.

Why does everything close?

Easter is also the ideal time to go on holiday as the days are official holidays recognised by the government as non-working days, which generates a flow of people in shops, bars, restaurants and other businesses taking a break.

This is normal in Spain and so we recommend that you do the necessary shopping for the week so you won't have any problems stocking up!

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