Spanish course and wine tasting in Bilbao: Wednesday 18th of May 2022

18 Apr 2022

We have a new activity for students of our Spanish courses here in Bilbao. This time we will be hosting a wine tasting on Wednesday the 18th of May at 19:30 in our school in Abando, Bilbao.

The aim of the wine tasting is to practice Spanish while getting to know some of the best red wines that can be found in Spain. On this occasion we will be sampling three wines of different denominations of origen and of different varieties of grape. We will examine the aromas, tastes and how to properly go about tasting a wine.

This wine tasting will be headlined by three different wines, detailed below:

Sommos Colección Merlot 2015

Intense cherry red, a pleasing colour gradient towards the exterior embodying ruby tones. Refreshing on the nose, with floral, violet notes. Behind this, traces of well integrated mature fruits, with spicy and smokey scents typical of barrelled crianza. In the mouth: well-rounded, long-lasting, crisp tannin flavours, and great aftertaste.

A wine of denomination of Somontano origin, with a Merlot base and aged 18 months in a selection of French medium-grain barrels. 

Marqués de Griñon Caliza

Conceived from the Graciano, Syrah and Petit Verdot. The grapes come from vines between 15 and 20 years old, planted on fertile earths with subsoil containing pure limestone (caliza) from which the wine derives its name.

The creation of Marqués de Griñon Caliza begins with a manual harvest and de-stemming in the bodega (winery). With the grapes ready, the next step in the process is the traditional alcoholic fermentation  and a long steeping, of 1 month.

Afterwards, the wine ages to the stage of crianza in barrels made of French Allier oak during 10 months in a climatised crianza cellar.

Áster Finca El Caño Reserva 2018

A superb single-variety wine produced in a ‘châteaubodega from a selection of berries that grow ona prime estate.

A wine from RIbera del Duero that displays a rich, cherry-red colour with deep hues.

To the nose it appears fine, yet intense, with the aromas of red fruits in season together with notes of cocoa and liquor and coffee bombom, and an overall floral background.

In the mouth it comes off fresh -thanks to its acidity-, flavourful and balanced. It enjoys a creamy texture and fine tannins that are perfectly integrated. it finishes off with a long and persistent aftertaste.

Well, now that we know the basic principles, it only remains to put them into practice. We'll be waiting for you!

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