Spanish course students in Bilbao await the arrival of Rosalía!

21 Apr 2022

Rosalía! She who takes the breath away of so many, the new diva, the new Hispanic icon who together with C Tangana & Bad Bunny is making history with her music in the Spanish language!

But really, just who is this girl that everyone is losing their mind over?

Well, if we go back to the year 2008 when she was only 15 years old, she tried her luck in a talent competition in Spain. The panel recognised that she had a very lovely voice but that perhaps she didn't yet have the sufficient potential.

Now, 14 years later, she has become the first Spaniard in history to win an MTV Video Music Award. And her achievements don't end here, as she also has a Grammy award under her belt.

With all this said, it is more than clear that she has talent, but what exactly does she do?

Her first resounding success on a global level was her song "Malamente", which stunned us all with the way in which she combined urban Spanish culture with religious symbolism, bulls, flamenco, and other types of references to Spain, which gave us a sense of pride that united the whole country.

The freshness of her lyrics, the depth of which touched us in parts of our hearts that we didn't know we had.

If this doesn't already have you convinced, we can also tell you that Rosalía is no less stunning in person than she is in her videos,  as we got the chance to see when in 2019, she came to BBK live Bilbao, leaving all of us open-mouthed.

The smile of the beloved singer will be returning to Bilbao, as announced in her tour dates that she revealed alongside the release of her latest album on the 18th of March 2022. Among the many other cities she will be visiting she will be here with us on the 27th of July.

Tra, tra! We wish the greatest success to this up and coming singer.

Withe respect to our students, if you enjoy Spanish music, or you would like to study with us, you can come to our Spanish school to learn the language, here in the centre of Bilbao at our institute with over 22 years of experience teaching Spanish.

We'll be waiting!

You can also find an interview done by music promoter Jaime Altozano with Rosalía where they discuss her new album.

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