Wine tasting with Spanish courses in Bilbao June 8, 2022

05 Jun 2022

Seeing each other is here and it's time to enjoy fresh and refreshing white wines. Next June 8, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. we will organize a new wine tasting for all students of the Spanish courses. You are all invited to participate

It is a white wine tasting where we will learn to appreciate different flavours of the wines depending on the type of grape selected and the wine production area.

For this occasion we have chosen three very special white wines:

- White Wine Ederra Verdejo 2020

A white wine from Bodegas Bilbainas. Ederra Verdejo with D.O. Rueda is a young and modern white wine with which it is intended to extract the full potential of the Verdejo variety. Intense wine where the varietal aromas of Verdejo (mint, fennel) predominate, with a background of citrus and tropical fruits (mango)

- Homenaje Chardonnay Bodegas Marco Real

Brilliant, crystalline greenish-yellow color. The first nose aromas, tropical and citrus, are accompanied by notes of white and stone fruit as soon as we shake the glass. The mouth is presented in a youthful key, with a present and refreshing acidity, where many fruity sensations and a certain unctuousness appear. It ends with an elegant slightly bitter finish, very well integrated.

- Viña Albali Verdejo Sauvignon Blanc

A Valdepeñas wine from the Félix Solis winery. Delicious wine full of fresh and fruity flavors, with citrus aromas. On the palate, it is an elegant wine with a very pleasant finish.

Do not think twice and participate in our new tasting.

It will be a perfect opportunity to learn more Spanish, learn more about wines and socialize with others.

We will wait for you here: -)

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