Instituto Hemingway now a member of FEDELE Spain

07 Jun 2022

Instituto Hemingway is now a part of FEDELE, the Spanish Federation of Associations of Spanish schools for foreigners. As such, we would like to reaffirm our promise of quality teaching of the Spanish language and of our best efforts in fostering Spanish education as a part of FEDELE.

FEDELE Spain is the Spanish Federation of Associations of Spanish Schools for foreigners, and emcompasses a hundred different schools that teach Spanish as a foreign language. All the member schools of FEDELE are centres accredited by Instituto Cervantes, which alone gives an idea of their quality and excellence. 

During the last 20 years, the main goal of FEDELE has been to further raise the status of quality and professionalism of businesses in the field of teaching Spanish with a common end: to offer top-level experiences that offer linguistic and cultural immersion to all.

With our participation in FEDELE we would like to make the most of all their support as a way to improve our teaching practices day-by-day, importing new knowledge and techniques from the best practices in the Spanish teaching sector.

Here at Instituto Hemingway, we are sure that our participation in FEDELE will result in a great deal of benefits for our students, to whom we will be able to continue to provide our knowledge, training and experience coming from the very best of the field.

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