The students of the Spanish courses in Bilbao will go to the bullring!

14 Jun 2022

Martín Agüero Street No. 1 has a totally different atmosphere from the rest of the city. There is the Plaza de Toros de Bilbao. Something unique that only a few other countries that follow this centuries-old art have in their cities.

Now, on June 19, a very special event will take place since during the years 2019 and 2020 the square was under construction since its facilities did not have many changes since its inauguration.

Traditionally in Bilbao, bullfights were held in the Plaza Vieja, where a circular arena was formed, behind which some lines were erected with scaffolding, first made of wood and then metal.

Some time later the city decided to open Vista Alegre and since August 13, 1882 we are at the foundation of a long history of this place. There was a fire in.

The reform brings with it the replacement of all the seats, the waterproof lines, improvement of the hotel area and the installation of audiovisual screens.

There will be an extraordinary celebration where the bullfighters who will return to the arena for the first time will be José María Manzanares, Alejandro Talavante and Roca Rey.

Our students have the opportunity to see this show where aesthetics, risk and emotion come together in a single space.

This along with another series of activities that we have in our calendar, we want the month of June to be special for our students.

If you want to participate in any activity at Instituto Hemingway, all you have to do is be a morning or afternoon student, since these cultural outings are free of charge for those who study Spanish in Bilbao with us.

We wish you a good month of April and we hope to see you here with us very soon!

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