Gau Zuria parties in Bilbao

14 Jun 2022

This Friday 17 and Saturday 18 June, our dear Spanish course students will have the chance to discover the White Night of Bilbao, with the Gau Zuria party. This event celebrates the 722nd anniversary of the founding of the city of Bilbao by Diego López V de Haro, Lord of Biscay. In addition, it is important to note that you can go there for free.

For this occasion, dozens of buildings in the city will light up to give way to a wonderful light show, imagined by artists from Spain and around the world. You will be able to find sculptures, fantastic digital and interactive installations, but also olfactory landscapes, traditional games or, finally, choirs! All this dispersed in 26 spaces in Bilbao which will be divided into six routes, represented by five colors: pink, blue, orange, green, purple and red.

Among these activities, there will also be, for example, a game called "Here Be Dragons". It will be a participatory experience located at the Ramón de la Sota wharf (under the Euskalduna Bridge), in which the public will have to defeat a dragon through teamwork and the use of logic. Perfect for our students studying Spanish!

Our students from the Spanish school will be able to enjoy this show in Bilbao from 7:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m., the perfect opportunity to better discover the city, your classmates, speak Spanish, and above all experience a Basque tradition in the heart of the city!

“We are celebrating Bilbao's 722nd anniversary with all our enthusiasm, with all the hope and emotion of once again enjoying our city and the best proposals for leisure and participatory, free and diverse culture. We want to share it with all the neighbors of the city, who can enjoy it and participate in the "birthday". Thus, to enjoy the city, during the nights of Gau Zuria, Bilbao will be redecorated with surprising artistic interventions." said Gonzalo Olabarria, the councilor of culture of Bilbao.

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