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  • Board games12.06.2023
    17:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Christmas Markets and lights show in Artxanda12.11.2023
    18:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Table football12.13.2023
    18:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Pintxos12.15.2023
    20:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Ice skating12.18.2023
    17:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Quiz 12.19.2023
    19:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Jumpyard 12.20.2023
    15:45 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Pintxos12.22.2023
    20:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Iberian ham sandwiches12.26.2023
    17:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Visit to the Guggenheim museum12.28.2023
    14:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Pintxos12.29.2023
    20:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
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October 26, 2023

My 5 favorite places in Bilbao!

La Casa De Los Minerales

Gerrikogin Kalea, 1

La casa de los minerales is a small shop in casco viejo that can be found near to Unamuno. If you are a lover of crystals like this writer it is a fantastic place to go and find crystals of all shape, size and price. The place is small but they are very kind, and to the right is the esoteric shop where you can complement your purchases with a few incense sticks or other spiritual artifacts. 

La Alhóndiga

Arriquíbar Plaza, 4

Another example of the transformation of Bilbao is Azkuna Zentroa. One of the most emblematic buildings of the city, la Alhóndiga, was previously used as a wine store, and that a few years ago was renovated and converted into a modern space for leisure and culture.

One of the most emblematic things of this site are the columns of different designs. There is also an indoor pool on the second floor which you can see from the level below and a cinema.

Canal walk

Canal Deustu, 3B, 48015

If you want a leisurely walk I recommend that you walk along the canal that is in Deusto, it is a walk that they recently enabled for passers-by and it has a lovely view of the river of Bilbao.

It is ideal for taking a nice walk on a Sunday afternoon or any other time of the day and enjoy the tranquility of Bilbao.

Sunday flea market in Zorrozaurre 

Old Artiach biscuit factory

Sunday: 10:30-14:30

The flea market in Zorrozaurre is an opportunity that appears only  on Sunday of every week, and above all if you like orignal souvenirs. There you can find things from all the epochs of Spain, old and new, and at quite a reasonable price. You can substitute the typical "I've just been to Bilbao" souvenirs for one of more style like old coins, stamps or books, for example. Or if you only want to go for a walk through a flea market it would be a great Sunday plan.


Goienkale, 45

The last place that I consider to be a favorite is the gyoza and dumpling restaurant that can be found on the calle somera in casco viejo. It is a small establishment that could almost go unnoticed but is full of surprises. If you like asian food, this is a cheap place where you can go to eat, there isn't a lot of variety but the chefs make the food by hand and with a lot of attention. Without a doubt it is one of the best places to eat a good tray of dumplings or gyozas (my favorites are those with shiitake mushrooms) and for a very low price.

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