The film “Caótica Ana” by Julio Menem from the perspective of students studying Spanish

15 Sep 2007

As part of the cultural activities which are organised for students of Spanish and students on placements or voluntary projects; we went to see the film “Caótica Ana” by Julio Menem and here are some of the students` opinions.

“The film is very interesting because it is special. I like the story about Ana because she is a free spirit. In general, I like films which are different because they allow you escape and live other realities which are different to normal life. The paintings and corporal language helped me to better understand the story. It also highlights the good performances of all the actors”.
Hilde (Norway)

“To be honest I didn`t really like the film because I prefer silly films. But the story was interesting and original. The many lives (and deaths) of Ana didn`t seem to be linked until the end. There is an art to the film that I still don`t understand. Who was the man who pushed her from the boat? And I think it is unlikely that the father of her friend could find her easily in the sea. Perhaps it is because she took too many drugs”.
Murphy (US)

“The film is a bit unusual but also very interesting. I understood little of the film due to my level of Spanish although I think it is a difficult film to understand regardless of this”
Christian (Germany)

“It is an interesting film with intense visual effects. I liked Ana`s character during the first part of the film in which she describes the history of the film. However, I didn`t like the plot of the film: Ana remembers the lives of other women, but it is a story which is repeated in other old films”.
Claus (Germany)

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